Vector monitor

Hans Osvoll's vector monitor cross-reference guide:

Vector Monitor Database

R/A pcb & power xfmr

Identify the different versions of Atari regulator/audio boards & power transformers (courtesy, Elektron Forge):

Reg/Audio & Transformer Guides


Identify which high score save chip your Atari game uses:

High Score Save Reference

...one giant leap for mankind


Lunar Lander screenshot

Atari's 1st XY Game: Lunar Lander



Here's how Owen Rubin, creator of Major Havoc & Space Duel among others, added his 25 to Battlezone:

"I shared a lab at Atari with Ed Rotberg, who was working on Battlezone in 1980.  I kept pestering him about the volcano in the backdrop, asking him when he was going to add code to make it erupt. Ed's response was, "I'm trying to make a game here!  I don't have time for that" or something along those lines.  But I kept at him.  Finally, he told me, "Look. If you want the volcano to erupt, write the damn code yourself!"  So I did. :)"

Battlezone volcano (animated)

Visit: The World of Owen Rubin




Excellent Q&A transcript of a live chat with Breighton (Rusty) Dawe.

**Breighton worked on numerous games during his 10 year stay at Atari and was the project leader for Agent X / Cloak & Dagger & Paperboy.**

Live Chat Transcript. R. B. Dawe

 Breighton's site: Breighton Dawe



The Final Vector










TomCat screenshots

 Atari's Last XY Game: TomCat




Revisiting Asteroids

 Retrogamer's: The Making of Asteroids

Related Article from Edge Magazine:







The Making Of: Asteroids


Pictures taken right before closing of the Atari Games facility in Milpitas (courtesy Scott Evans):

Trip to Atari

Scott's site: ATARIGAMES.COM


Amplifone logo

Invaluable resource & highly recommended reading if you own an Amplifone monitor. [1N5343B is the right part # for the deflection board diode mod (not 1N5342B as stated on p. 37).  Also, C1, C2, C3 & C4 on the high voltage pcb are radial caps (not axial as stated on p. 27).  Also, the FAQ references the BU406D as "Q2" but it is designated as "Q3" in the Amplifone manual.]  

Michael Kelley's Amplifone FAQ

Army Battlezone


Bradley Trainer screenshot

 Bradley Trainer: |INFO| |VIDEO|




Patrick Cooke (Moderator "Mongo" on the KLOV forums) has written the "Simple Sega G80 Vector Mods" guide which details how to upgrade the Electrohome G08 series color vector monitors that were used in the following Sega vector games: Cosmic Chasm, Eliminator, Space Fury, Star Trek, Tac/Scan and Zektor.  The guide is written in an easy to follow format, and Pat used a lot of pictures throughout the guide to help make the mods very easy to understand and implement.

Patrick Cooke's: Simple Sega G80 Vector Mods




The Cinematronics Vector Monitor FAQ and Repair Guide V. 0.96

Wells-Gardner 6100 Vector Monitor FAQ and Guide V. 1.1

The Black & White Vector Monitor FAQ and Guide V. 1.2

Black & White Vector Monitor Transistor X-Reference

Tempest Theory of Operation/Troubleshooting Guide

Atari Vector Monitor Repair/Upgrade INDEX V6.3

LV2000 - WG6100 Low Voltage Retrofit Guide

Asteroids Troubleshooting Encyclopedia

Star Wars Troubleshooting Guide

Electrohome G08 FAQ V. 1.1






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